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The Palo del Amo Woods Homeowners Association Board of Directors regrets to inform our members that a close examination of the ballots cast in our recent election of officers held at the General Meeting on March 19, 2019 has revealed significant discrepancies. A large number of ballots cast were not completed correctly, so the Board was unable to validate and confirm those ballots. Voiding this many ballots would affect the election results, and accepting this many incorrect ballots would be irresponsible. The Board has therefore unanimously decided that it has no choice but to arrange for an Extraordinary Board Re-election with better control and validation of ballots, producing election results which are beyond reproach. The Special Election date and time are to be determined. Until we can hold a new election, Michael Jensen was nominated and approved by the Board of Directors on Tuesday, 16 April 2019, to serve as Interim President of the Palo del Amo Woods Homeowners Association.

The Palo del Amo Woods Homeowners Association Board of Directors
  • Michael Jensen, Interim President
  • Vacant, First Vice President
  • Diane Gonsalves, Second Vice President
  • Charmaine Martin. Secretary
  • Al Davis, Interim Treasurer
  • Robert Hamilton, Past President
  • Jose Chavez, Member at Large
  • Wally Hoffmann, Member at Large

Board of Directors (Voting Officers)

Interim President
Michael Jensen
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First Vice President
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Second Vice President
Diane Gonsalves
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Charmaine Martin
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Interim Treasurer
Al Davis
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Past President
Robert Hamilton
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Block Captains
Community Relations/ Garage Sales/ Picnic
Government Affairs
Disaster Preparedness/ CERTJim Phillips
Graffiti Removal
Membership DatabaseJose Chavez

Past Presidents

2018-2019Robert Hamilton
2017-2018Robert Hamilton
2016-2017Robert Hamilton
2015-2016Robert Hamilton
2014-2015Dave Evans
2013-2014Dave Evans
2012-2013Dave Evans
2011-2012Dave Evans
2010-2011Tom Mieliwocki
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2006-2007Venest Henry-Evans
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2002-2003Max Shanna
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2000-2001Leroy Brown
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1996-1997Minnie Hadley-Hempstead
1995-1996Nancy Johnson
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1993-1994John Pinkett
1992-1993George Loebus
1991-1992Tom Mieliwocki
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1989-1990Ken Salsman
1988-1989Ted Kyte
1987-1988Trudy Kelly
1986-1987Reba Long
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