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Del Amo Woods Parking Restrictions

To All Palo Del Amo Woods Residents,

Thank you to the residents who attended our General Meeting on November 19 at Corner Stone Church.

In response to residents complaints about oversize vehicles parking in The Woods, Mr. Alvin Ly, Los Angeles County Public Works attended our meeting and outlined three available options for our community:

1. Adding Street Sweeping signs on all streets:
About half of the streets within Palo Del Amo Woods Community do not have street sweeping signs installed. We can look into the feasibility of installing street sweeping signs on those streets. For this option, we need to coordinate with our Road Maintenance staff to determine the time and locations of the street sweeping restrictions within the community. We anticipate the regulations would be adopted by early 2020 and the signs installed in Spring 2020.

2. Oversize vehicle (aka Nonconforming Vehicle) parking restriction:
This will restrict any vehicles, including, but not limited to, recreational vehicles, vehicles towing trailers or boats, as well as any vehicles measures more than 8 feet in width; 7.5 feet in height; or 20 feet in length on public roadways at all times, unless a permit is displayed on the vehicle. Each permit will be valid for one day. Owners of Nonconforming Vehicles may receive up to 30 permits per year from the local Sheriff’s station. Permits may not be used for more than two consecutive 24-hour periods. Nonconforming Vehicle restriction also requires 2/3 concurrence from the residents who may get impacted by the restriction and involves extensive community engagements and may take over a year to get adopted.

3. Preferential Parking District (PPD):
This may be considered when we receive a request from a resident of a property abutting the residential street segment for which the district is requested. A petition with minimum of 2/3 concurrence from the residents within a proposed PPD must be received by Public Works to consider a study. The study will define the boundary of PPD and determine if a minimum parking occupancy level of 70 percent is met and a minimum of 50 percent of those observed parked vehicles must be commuter vehicles. Preferential Parking District involves extensive community engagements and can take as much as a couple years to establish. Once the PPD is established, a letter and an application stating a minimum permit fee will be mailed to all residents, so they may apply for parking permits. Citations will be issued to those vehicles parking on the streets without displaying valid parking permits.

Please read through the above recaps and provide your feedback.


Michael Jensen, Interim President

Open Letter To My Palo Del Amo Woods Neighbors

Dear Palo Del Amo Woods neighbors,

Do you know your neighbors? Do you enjoy where you live? Do you wish to keep it that way?

If your answers are YES – Keep reading!

Our community continues to face an increasing number of encroaching threats and challenges from the areas around us, from homeless transients to graffiti and crime. All of which can only be prevented by community involvement and political engagement.

Over the past 4 years, these issues have all been handled with great success, by a small, dedicated group of volunteers, handling everything from interacting with law enforcement and elected officials to HOA Board duties, picnic planning and daily graffiti patrols. All while having busy FULL time jobs.

After 4 years it’s time for YOU, the new volunteers, to join the fight and help keep our community the Palo Del Amo Woods we all love.

We need your help! We need volunteers for a number of tasks, none of which require more than about 1hr a week.

Among others, we need help with:

  • Graffiti patrol – painting over graffiti – tools, paint and vest are provided
  • Event planning – Annual Picnic, Holiday-O-Rama, Community Garage Sale
  • Community Involvement – attending community meetings, Coffee with A Cop
  • Reporting suspicious or illegal activity – illegally parked vehicles, suspicious activity

We have two choices, “Let someone else do it and hope they don’t quit” or “Get involved and help preserve The Woods”.

I hope you choose the latter and contact me to get started. My contact details are below.

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”
- Edmund Burke


Michael Jensen
Palo Del Amo Woods HOA, Interim President

An Inside View

Robert Hamilton, Past President

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The Board, Committee Members and Team Members have been hard at work to keep up the maintenance and everyday tasks of the Association. This year has been filled with many on-going projects to keep the community safe and our exterior grounds free of graffiti and debris.

While we live in our various sub sections of the Woods, few homeowners realize the sheer size and scale of the Woods. We have 874 homes, divided into three sub sections -- the north, central and south. Thanks to the efforts of a few, we have undertaken many challenges.

Some of our greatest tasks at present consist of the continuous removal of homeless encampments; illegal dumping; minimizing train noise pollution; increasing the Association’s membership and participation; installation of signal light on 245th and Vermont Avenue, installation of street lights along Normandie Avenue; re-pavement of community streets and sidewalks; the constant challenge of removing graffiti from the exterior walls of our community; maintaining community relationships with local, state and federal elected officials; law enforcement; and other communities and local organizations.

We are working with MTA officials, Ron Fisher (Deputy to Mark Ridley-Thomas), and the Carson Sheriff Department, in a continuous effort to rid the railroad right-of-way of homeless encampments and institute a long term solution to keeping the right-of-way clean of debris and free of the homeless.MTA began working on the railroad rightof-way in October 2015, installing barriers to keep the homeless out, and erecting notrespassing signs. This will allow sheriff deputies to detain and arrest those individuals who ignore and trespass onto the railroad rightof-way.

The Carson Sheriff Department is totally committed to helping us reduce crime in our community. However, we must remain vigilant and report suspicious person(s) and activity in and around our community.

Preparing for 2019-2020

Once again, it is time for the Board to begin projecting and preparing the budget for the upcoming 2019-2020 year. The budget will have a profound impact on the appearance and maintenance quality of the Woods.

While it’s the job of the Board to maintain the assets of the Association, handle expenses now and in the future, look for ways to enhance safety and security, and promote a feeling of community, we cannot do this alone.
If you have not done so already, please pay your dues and volunteer a few hours of your time on a committee. Paying your dues will allow the Association to paint the exterior walls and fencing and maintain reserves for everyday maintenance and upkeep.

In addition, annual dues payments fund the purchase of labels for printing, mailing of the quarterly newsletter and member notifications, postage and office supplies, purchase of paint and supplies for graffiti removal, landscaping services, funding of CERT emergency equipment and supplies, welcoming and bereavement, and the annual picnic and Holiday-A-Rama.

Interested in Running for the Board or Working on a Committee or Team?

It’s about that time of year again. Would you be a good candidate? Being a member of the Board is a great way to get involved with your community and address concerns andissues that interest all homeowners. The Board meetings are held on the third Tuesday of each month. Meetings are held on a rotation basis, and are sponsored by and held at the respected board members home.

Being a board member, committee member or working on a designated team can be one of the most rewarding volunteer positions within the community and you will be part of maintaining that sense of community.

We encourage any homeowner with a love for this community and a desire to keep Palo Del Amo Woods a desirable place in which to live, to please run for office. Additionally, if you have special skills or expertise such as legal services, accounting, CPA, architect, construction background, prior Board experience, management, etc., your contribution to our community would be greatly appreciated.

The key to the Woods’ success is the dedicated and talented Board members, Committee Members, Team members, Block Captains and those anonymous individuals who give of their time and get involved

Robert J. Hamilton, Past President