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Membership Requirements from PDAWHOA By-Laws

Each household in the community shall be eligible for membership. As used herein, the “community” is defined as the area bounded on the north by Sepulveda Boulevard, on the east by Vermont Avenue, on the west by Normandie Avenue, and on the south by PALO DEL AMO WOODS.

All households described above shall become members upon filing an application for membership in writing together with payment of initiation fees as may be required; and said membership shall continue in effect so long as annual dues are paid.

Membership shall entitle adult members of the household to hold office and otherwise fully participate in the affairs of the association immediately upon payment of the initiation fee or annual dues. For the purpose of voting for officers or voting at general membership meetings, each member household shall be limited to one vote.

Graffiti RemovalWeekly perimeter clean-upPublish the PDAW newsletter
Annual PicnicPrizes for Holiday-A-RamaPromoting the Community Garage Sale
Support the Emergency Response Team (CERT)New Resident Welcoming GiftBereavement Sympathy Cards
Organizing the General MeetingsSupporting Public Safety and Community Advisory Council
Promoting the Economic well- being and Quality of Life of PDAW

Currently all membership payments must be be sent by check to:

Palo Del Amo Woods Homeowners Association
P.O. Box 661, Harbor City, CA 90710

Please use the linked Invoice pdf when submitting payments.

We may offer the ability to submit online payments using PayPal in the future.

The following Membership Application form can be filled out and submitted online.
You will receive a return email itemizing all of the information that you have submitted.

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* Community Emergency Response Team

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