Palo del Amo Woods
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Palo del Amo Woods Homeowners Association Accomplishments

Through the group strength provided by banding together into an Association of Homeowners, listed below are some of the accomplishments achieved over the years since the formation of the Association:

  • Implemented Neighborhood Watch and Block Captains programs.

  • Successfirlly stopped a pool hall from opening on Vermont Avenue and a school for delinquent youth within our walls. Instead, beautiful homes were built on the land.

  • Continuously maintained the appearance of our perimeter sidewalks.

  • Daily removal of graffiti firom in and around the Woods.

  • Regularly published a neighborhood newsletter and distributing to all residents.

  • Coordinated the annual Woods Picnic, Garage Sales and Holiday-A-Rama.

  • Periodically updated and published the Woods Directory.

  • Established an "open line" for residents to call in or be informed of activities in and around the Woods.

  • Succeeded in getting an overpass constructed on Normandie Avenue for children going to President Avenue Elementary School.

  • Purchased a kidney dialysis machine which was donated to Harbor UCLA Hospital.

  • Initiated the widening and straightening of Normandie Avenue and the construction of sidewalks along the street.

  • Successfiilly stopped the building of an auto wrecking yard and motel across the street from our community.

  • Obtained approval for the installation of traffic lights at Normandie Avenue and Oakheath Drive, at Normandie Avenue and 245th Street, and at Vermont Avenue and 245th Street.

  • Prevented the construction of a freeway along Normandie Avenue.

  • Continuously maintained the appearance of our perimeter walls.

  • Prevented annexation of our community in accordance with the desires of the Woods residents

  • Established a Palo del Amo Woods Website to provide a central information source for residents .