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Palo del Amo Woods is a walled residential community of 874 homes located within an unincorporated area of the Los Angeles Harbor Region of Los Angeles County designated by the county as West Carson. It has a U. S. Postal Service mailing address of Harbor City, CA with a Zip Code of 90710. It lies within the U. S. Census Bureau Census Block 5436.03. It is serviced by the Los Angeles County Sheriff and the Los Angeles County Fire Department. It lies within the United States Congress 43rd Congregational District, the 35th California State Senate District, the 66th California State Assembly District, and the Los Angeles County Second Supervisorial District.

Palo del Amo Woods is bounded on the North by Sepulveda Boulevard, on the East by Vermont Avenue, on the West by Normandie Avenue, and on the South by 245th Street, accessible via Vermont and Normandie Avenues. Entrances to the community are located on Normandie Avenue, Sepulveda Boulevard, and Vermont Avenue. Palo del Amo Woods consists of three main sections; a North Section with 287 homes, a Central Section with 355 homes, and a South Section with 232 homes.

The Los Angeles County Department of Public Works maintains boundary information for cities and unincorporated areas surrounding Palo del Amo Woods. An overview map of the Los Angeles County South Bay Subregion Cities and Unincorporated Areas is here.

The PALO DEL AMO WOODS HOMEOWNERS ASSOCIATION is an organization with voluntary paid membership of residents within the community. The purpose of this association is to advance the mutual social and economic interests of the community, to ensure the protection of property and property rights of the community, and to encourage the improvement of property in the community and surrounding areas.

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Palo del Amo Woods Homeowners Association (PDAWHOA)
P.O. Box 661, Harbor City, Ca 90710